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Marine Style furniture, we offer also custom made service


The culture of design and Made in Italy are the basis of our products, our furniture is made ​​by skilled craftsmen carpenters followed by designers with great creativity, in order to obtain the highest quality, functionality and aesthetics.

Each of our piece of furniture is made ​​in a workmanlike manner and all details are meticulously treated and finished with hardware embedded in the solid, brass or chrome wood.

The key issue is the selection of used timber, such as solid wood mahogany and mahogany plywood okoumé, giving to the furniture, strength, safety and durability

We customize each environment through the implementation of custom furniture. The high modularity that characterizes all the furnishings of the Marine House may give rise to an infinite number of different solutions, intended to capture in the course of time the unique charm that only our furniture can convey.

Detail of Marine Style furniture Marine House Arredamento (furniture)

  Detail of Marine Style furniture Marine House Arredamento (furniture)


  Specifications and materials:

  • • Okumé mahogany plywood frame;
  • • Dovetail drawers, doors and shutters frame with dust cover, all in solid mahogany;
  • • Coated with polyurethane primer and a satin finish or wax effect;
  • • Recessed handles and trim in polished brass, treated with antioxidant or chrome plated.


  Color tone:

  • • Dark Mahogany Classic;
  • • Medium Mahogany;
  • • Blond Mahogany;
  • • Blond walnut Mahogany;
  • • Lacquered;
  • • Color tone on a sample of the customer;
Color tone


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